Larry is a leading global Customer Relationship expert who has rolled out industry-leading culture change initiatives including British Airways' 'Winning for Customers' programme.  This was delivered to 55,000 employees around the world and was considered the benchmark for culture change programmes in Europe.

He is a globally recognised expert on Customer Experience, Customer Relationships,  Customer Loyalty, Customer Service, Culture Change and the author of the bestselling book, 'The Relationship Revolution' which focussed on how best to add value to customer relationships in the digital age.

Larry has a successful speaking career having made over 500 speeches in 72 countries, engaging at the highest level with corporations and governments.

"Throughout my career having someone like Larry Hochman as a mentor has for certain made me better, braver, bolder and wiser. His insight, passion and knowledge make anyone stronger and he has a unique ability to help you reflect and come away feeling renewed."  
Amanda Mackenzie OBE, Chief Executive, Business 
in the Community
"Larry's thoughts on customers, culture and talent are uniquely valuable for any business, anywhere in the world today. In his speeches and his book, 'The Relationship Revolution', he reminds us that business is about people and that relationships are the value drivers of today's best companies."
Sheldon Wiseman, President and CEO Amberwood Entertainment Corp
"Larry Hochman understands the business zeitgeist exceptionally well.  His argument that authentic customer relationships are what will separate the winners from the also-rans is provocative, challenging, and totally relevant."  Dr. Stan Maklan, Cranfield School of Management

    • One of the world's most influential advisors on building organisations that deliver an exceptional customer experience

    • Will help you identify, communicate and deliver what really matters to customers and increase your profitability as a result


    • As the very first Director of People and Culture in any European organisation, has unique experience to help you identify the cultural issues that will determine the success or failure of your organisation

    • Will help you communicate and deliver what needs to change - and why.


    • Pioneered corporate mentoring in the UK.

    • Unique experience in the design and delivery of internal and external mentoring programmes.

    • Personal mentor to many senior executives around the world.

    • Global advisor to client companies and governments


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  • The Human Touch - True added value in the digital age

  • The Customer Experience - Your only priority

  • Transformational Leadership in a Changing Environment

  • The New Marketing - customers do it for you 

  • Creating a Collaborative Culture of Change

Larry is one of the most popular keynote speakers in the world, and is globally recognised as an expert in Customer Relationships, Leadership and Talent Management.  
Voted European Business Speaker of the Year, popular topics include:


"In a world where ‘smart machines’ are playing a larger role in everyone’s life, and customers are having fewer personal interactions with people representing your brand, they are valuing each and every one of those interactions more than ever before.  Every touch-point with a customer matters, but human touch-points are suddenly more significant and more telling.

If unique value is derived from the relationships you have with your very best customers, remember those relationships are a ‘human thing’. They are about people:  You, your colleagues, your expertise, your enterprise, your care, your kindness, your empathy.


The Customer Experience; on-line, off-line, in-store, off-shore, on the phone et al simply matters more than ever before.

In the not-so-new Social World customers increasingly do your marketing for you, and their power to either reward or punish you could determine the success or failure of your enterprise in ways you have not yet imagined.

The Cutomer Experience is today therefore not only a top priority, it may be your only priority."


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